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5th Aug 2015, 08:16
1. Config option to turn off mysterious and exotic visual effects.

I saw this just now in another thread but I did like the look of the game before it went all DBZ. This would be a nice touch.

2. Mysterious and rare effects applied to alchemist and vanguard weapon projectiles. Scout power shot if possible.

I don't play either of those classes often, however I did know that the visual effects were not applied to the projectiles from the alchemist cannon. What I didn't realize until today is that the thrown vanguard weapons don't have the effect either. Again, this would be a nice touch. Maybe further down the line when less visual effects are coming out, there can be an update to elemental scout power shots.

3. Stuns, knockdowns, disables, etc. should score points in game for the person who landed them when a kill is made.

At least, something like this. What really comes to mind is the little amount of love and recognition a deceiver gets playing Dominate Mind, but bola, hex shot, abduct/kidnap, War Bow power shot, etc. as well. They all benefit a team but in many cases they can result in the user not getting any points besides minimal assist. For instance, I know with War Bow I can many times stop a vampire with the power shot but the follow up shot comes well after the vampire has recovered and had a chance to roll or use an ability.

4. Reduce damage on Kidnap and Abduct.

500 damage minimum on Abduct (not sure about Kidnap, but at least 300 for most falls) plus the followup Puncture is ridiculous for public games. In comparison, a deceiver can hit with Backstab for 550, but he's not taking his target anywhere and he's not putting distance between himself and the rest of the human team. That 550 is his opening shot and doesn't really have other abilities that are going to deliver spike damage to finish a human.

To put it plainly, Kidnap and Abduct in the hands of a decent flyer in pubs will put the human team at 3v4 most of the duration of the round. Pub'ers don't watch each other. It takes a lot of effort to maintain where sentinels are at to be ready to Bola them.

I can see one of three ways to tone down K/A being sufficient, which would be to
a) reduce fall damage
b) force continued flight after dropping a human (no immediate Puncture combo)
c) reduce the window available to grab after activating the ability. Swooping around after a miss to scoop people up is sort of ridiculous.

5. Backstab would benefit from a faster move execution

It is a very telegraphed and loud ability. It's also unreliable in its hit registry as to whether it's going to do 550 or 275 damage, or miss completely. It does have a nice reach on the lunge as I've hit people fairly far away that I didn't think I was going to make contact with. However... I'd like to see (or at least try a version of) Backstab basically hitting nearly instantly on activation as a very short-range, uppercut like move. The reason being is that it truly is hard to be a stealthy vampire in this game. Deceiver footsteps are loud. There are vampire growls at a minimum distance. A fast, maiming attack, even at a short range, would make Backstab more attractive.

6. 10 minute ban for leaving a game with less than 4 players on my team? No thanks.

Really? This is what we're going to do to players who don't want to stick around for a 3v4, then 2v4, then 1v4? There's no option to not join in progress games? You might as well tell me to log off and go play a different game.

Yea I left. It was a public deathmatch, unranked. I was still incredulous when I saw it. I don't like it. Game had been at 3v4 for 7 minutes. Round changed, got down to 2v4 and I felt like looking for a game in another region but could I? No. I'm guessing that rule about leaving after the first leaver and not being punished was changed.

7. Tyrant Telekinesis secondary ability

I made this suggestion quite a while back, but I would still love to see a ranged "Get over here!" move where Throw would be for the tyrant. Seeing as we can't aim Throw (and we've been requesting that for a looooong time), a telekinetic grab would fit the bill seeing as how we could position ourselves to where we want our target to go. It would be a nice counter to Grappling Hook, honestly. Plus fall damage if height changes occur.

8. Teams must be different after each round instead of reverting to the previous match's team.

Oh, this little gem. I think I started out writing this post with this in mind and forgot about it. Yes, it's really fun to be returned to the same team that just got pummeled on the start of a 2nd match with all the same people. It'll look like the teams are swapped right up until the countdown begins. That's usually when I bow out and look for another room.

9. Visible indication for how long boosters last when picking one

Unless I'm missing it, I don't see a current indicator for how long each booster lasts when choosing one from the main window near the banner selection. I can see the durations of each one I have in my inventory screen, but it's really just a guess as to how long the one I'm picking lasts. I'd like to be able to see that info because I may anticipate being away from the game for a while and would only like to use a 24 hour booster rather than a week long one.

25th Aug 2015, 03:59
Bump for end of the month reading.

10. The distribution spread, from my experience, of finding uncanny, arcane, mysterious, and exotic items from events doesn't feel balanced in regard to rarity.

So by this I mean that I find more mysterious items than uncanny ones. Very anecdotal, but while playing matches I typically scan what other people got as rewards. While playing league matches this past month, I hardly ever saw an uncanny or rare item as a reward. Is that by intent for those games?

Otherwise, if not, I feel like uncanny and arcane should be much more common than they are now. The reason being is that to build sets of bonuses that sync across weapon/special, primary, and secondary abilities will take a long time and a lot of resources with reforging. It'd be nice to see arcane items show up more often as the crux of creating a playstyle for a class while uncanny items would get new players cool stuff faster. Having mysterious items that you've reforged to fit the bonuses of your existing set would be the cream of the crop, getting to look cool and have your bonuses.

11. Allow all the other abilities to be found as uncanny and arcane rewards.

Might as well put this in the game at this point. It is still expensive to enchant and reforge primary and secondary abilities. This would be cool to see.

12. Mysterious or Exotic primary and secondary abilities.

I'm not sure how Psyonix would want to handle this one, but here's my take on it. Maybe specific visual effects could be found for the various abilities. For example: Dream(crusher) finds a mysterious Arrow Volley, but it is Flaming Arrow Volley. It has a unique visual of falling flaming arrows that still has to have the bonuses and the appearance unlocked through play time.

With the visual effect being so specific, there might be only one of these types of abilities for each class in each slot. I like the idea though of mysterious primary and secondary abilities. A blue Fire Wall, a flying skull Hex Shot, an arcane, runed box that functions as the Hunter's Grenade. Crazy stuff like that.