View Full Version : Jacket in the dark room

4th Aug 2015, 19:29
In one of my playthroughs there was a school jacket in the bunker.
In another playthrough it wasn't there.

Does anybody have an idea what decision causes the jacket to show or not show up? Cause I can't figure it out.

Some decsisions I made differently that I remember;

-Kate's alive.
-Not going ape with Warren.
-Got Nathan suspended.

No jacket:
-Kate's dead.
-Going ape with Warren.
-Max was suspended.

4th Aug 2015, 20:01
What about Warren beating Nathan up?

4th Aug 2015, 20:15
What about Warren beating Nathan up?

I can't be completely sure, because I've replayed episode 4 a bit too often.
The only thing I'm sure of is that on my latest playthrough when I noticed the jacket missing Max stopped Warren from beating up Nathan.

EDIT. Nevermind! My faulty memory made me think the jacket was one of those jock jackets like Logan wears, but it turns out to be Nathan's after all after reviewing. :)

5th Aug 2015, 21:26
In my playthrough, Kate died, I will (maybe) go APE with Warren and I got Nathan suspended. So I think that last decision is important for this little detail.
Also I stopped Warren from beating up Nathan, and the jacked was still there.

25th Oct 2016, 15:33
I played today again.


Blamed Nathan that he has a gun, in principal office blamed him too, got him suspended, stopped warren from beating him up and comforted victoria.

he had my selfie, had the pic of chloe and his jacket was not in the dark room.