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3rd Aug 2015, 20:16
After playing Episode 4, I was discussing with friends about everything we have seen in the story so far, and a very interesting theory came up. Here are some of our conclusions:
- What the game wanted to teach us showing Chloe paralysed and begging for someone to end her suffering? That we shouldn't change the past. Many people complained that the game "forces" you to change the past, but maybe its just a part of Max's process of learning the consequences of her actions (and also and interesting reflection for the player)
- So, the same way going to the past and avoiding William's death was a big mistake, going back now to save Chloe may also bring bad results. In fact, Max had already rewinded to revert someone's death: to save Chloe in Episode 1, the moment she discovered her rewinding power. Maybe there is only one way to solve all this problem: Chloe has to die. Saving William "broke the balance" of things and brought several bad consequences. Maybe the same happened after saving Chloe.
- But, what will Max do about it? She surely won't let her best friend die without at least trying to go back and look for a solution, even knowing that changing the past may cause serious trouble. Maybe in the end she won't be able to find any way to avoid the worst things to happen, and when the hurricane comes, she will be completely hopeless, and there will be only one solution: going back to square one.

Maybe Max had already went through all the events we see in the game
Not being able to avoid Chloe's death and completely hopeless, she goes back to Jefferson's class, maybe using the selfie she took during the class, in the very first part of Episode 1
After going back, there are also some possibilities:
- Maybe its the first time all this "chain of events" happened, and now she has a second chance to make things right (letting Chloe die from the beginning, shot by Nathan in the bathroom)
- By the other hand, maybe after using her power in such an extreme way and in a desperate situation, she might lose her memory and start everything from the beginning, unaware of her past choices. This means she would be trapped on a loop, fated to repeat her mistakes and let her friend die, over and over again (I hope this possibility does not come true, this would be a far too sad ending)

And that's it! Unfortunately, this theory doesn't explain the snow, eclipse, dead whales and birds and double moon events, and also, doesn't explain the biggest question in LiS: where does this rewinding power comes from? And why Max was the one chosen to control it?

3rd Aug 2015, 21:22
I theorised this myself and christen it the was it all for nothing theory. I hope this isn't the case. Its too damn cliché and frankly, predictable. I hope the writers have something better up their sleeves. I take some solace in the description on the games official website; "Multiple endings depending on the choices you make."

3rd Aug 2015, 23:31
Interesting. Just like "Love on the run," huh?


3rd Aug 2015, 23:53
I agree with LordBattleBeard, this would be very cliché but Chloe still seems to be followed by death.

the biggest question in LiS: where does this rewinding power comes from? And why Max was the one chosen to control it?

That's the biggest argument against this popular theory if you ask me.
Why would the butterfly lead Max to the back if she is not supposed to save Chloe.
There needs to be a reason why things came along just the way they did at the bathroom.