View Full Version : Warren does more than we think? (SPOILERS!)

3rd Aug 2015, 19:00
Hi there,

Excuses in advance, I don't have the game (Because I'm so bad at playing these kinds of games) but do have watched several play-throughs, so some things I say may be interpreted wrong.

When I watched Ep 4 I thougth of this theory:

What if Warren has time travel powers too (In the timeline Max creates) and actually saves Max on a weird way? He first shows up out of nowhere to save Max and Chloe from Nathan, and then just before the party he takes a selfie with Max with a weird excuse. That selfie is Max clearly gonna use in the future to go back. What if he came from the future, knowing this, and saves Max on this weird way? The way of beating of Nathan is not that weird, but he might be just doing as if he was drunk, and took that selfie with the plan of saving Max's live with it.

Idk, just a random thougth.