View Full Version : Friendly reminders about Nathan Prescott (SPOILERS)

3rd Aug 2015, 18:34
Nathan is a severely mentally ill character who is not receiving the treatment he needs.

The combination of meds he is on may well be causing tremors in his fine motor skills which might have been the reason he accidentally shot Chloe in the first episode (you can see his head moving strangely too as he talks to her, and he stutters. I believe this was deliberate).

Nathan is a victim of several different flavors of child abuse that is ongoing, including neglect and emotional abuse plus possibly things we don't know about yet.

Nathan is barely a legal adult.

Realistically, severely mentally ill people like Nathan are extremely likely to be victims of abuse and manipulation again and again rather than perpetrators of it. They are easy targets for abusive predators.

We experience the story from Max's point of view which means we see the world through her eyes. Which means she can be an unreliable narrator, coloring our judgment. Which means Max jumping to conclusions about Nathan is probably a red herring.

From the evidence we've seen, Nathan is not a sociopath/psychopath. Please do not use these words to describe him as they are stigmatizing in regard to mentally ill people and are also inaccurate.

I'm not saying everything Nathan has done is excusable or okay in any form. But I am saying, please do not demonize this character or paint him as a cartoon villain. From what DONTNOD has shown us I do believe they do their research rather well, so I hope they continue this trend of nuance in their portrayal of characters. I don't believe they would participate in strengthening stigma of mental illness.

3rd Aug 2015, 18:43
Thank you for this post. We do tend to forget that we (the players) are seeing the world as Max sees it (and she can be a very unreliable narrator).

Also, excellent points on Nathan. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes with him and his family. Plus, there's a whole mess of evidence that protrays Nathan as mentally ill than truly psychotic.

We know for a fact that Mr. Jefferson is "mentoring" Nathan. He could also possibly be taking advantage of Nathan. We already have a letter from a psychiatrist/psychologist stating how serious of a case Nathan is and how his family (namely his father) doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.

We should all remember not to stigmatize people with mental disorders. Yeah, it doesn't excuse all of his actions, but if we can learn what's all going on with Nathan, then maybe we'll be able to understand him better.

Thanks again for making a post on the subject (and reminding me that, as a psychology major, I need to be more objective than subjective).