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13th Aug 2014, 16:37
Here's my idea for a game mode that is focussed around crafting material rewards, sorry there's not a TLDR, this is actually as concise as I could get it, would love to know what everyone thinks!

Escort and Defend

Players start on a map with 2-3 mining nodes and a mining base, which acts as the only spawn point for humans and miners. The mining nodes all give the same resources but vary in worth depending on how defensible they are and how far away from the initial spawn point they lie.

Each human player has a miner "buddy" npc that must be escorted to a site. Once there, the miner will begin automatically mining until told by the player to return to the mining base, whereupon the miner will have "banked" the resources he has collected so far for the team. The miner does not need to be escorted back from a mining site by a player when told to return. Mining nodes are finite and can be mined out completely, forcing a move to another node. The resources a miner has collected are always visible to both sides.

The vampires main focus is to kill the miners. Miners have high health but no attack; if attacked they will run back towards the mining base. Though they have high health, it does not regenerate, and they can immediately be killed by a vampire's execute. If a miner is killed, the vampire team gains all the resources the miner has collected thus far. When a miner dies, another one respawns at the miner base to take its place, and await escort.

Players play one round of each side as normal The round ends when either the timer runs out, or all mining nodes have been exhausted. A variation could also be to give the miners a finite amount of lives, and have the round end once every miner is dead.

Human players will need teamwork and group decision making on which node to visit, and when to send their miners back - as miners become more valuable the longer they work, the risk of them dying becomes more severe as time goes on. Since miners only need an escort to a site, not back from it, players can either coordinate a group return or risk sending their miner back alone in order to stay and defend the site.

Vampires will need to decide when and where to attack - when the miners are returning, and are at their most vulnerabl/profitable, or at the site, where the death of a miner can force a human player to return to the mining base for escort duty, leaving the mining node less defended and thus easier for continued attack.

Congrats if you made it to the end, and thanks for reading :D

13th Aug 2014, 23:44
I must say this looks interesting, but i would replace/rename npc-miners with 'payload' like in TF2, and mining sites with 'control points'

like you get score for being a control point when there are no enemies around, but to collect these points you have to escort a payload to specific place, somethin like King-of-the-Hill + Payload, with multiple control points