View Full Version : Not even a support guide for Ubuntu?

3rd Aug 2015, 02:55

I bought the game when the ep 3 came out, and i was using the OS Windows 8.1 everything was fine ofc.
But today, i decided to change to Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) to realise there is no steam support (or support in any way at all) So i decided to came here and see if somebody can help me. I want to play it, but i want to play it legally you know.

I dont know if there is some king of official support by a game master, or it's just comunity help. Anyway i need some help, thanks.

4th Aug 2015, 21:50
Hello? somebody?

5th Aug 2015, 09:16
Hi Mc_Squared.

Our support center may be able to assist you with this but please be aware that we are unable to provide Linux technical support. You can contact them by visiting sqex.to/support