View Full Version : Chocobo Rider Trophy Rant

31st Jul 2015, 22:14
Firstly, i love the game. but dammit all if i dont spend hours riding this retarded chocobo dodging birds like my life depends on it and making 90 degree turns forcing 20x gravity making a bank for baloons. i get the mini game is supposed to be hard, thats not the issue. the issue is why in the heck is it a bronze trophy? that is nonsense!!!!! Trophies that are this difficult need a dang gold at least! please could you update the game with a gold trophy for this??

8th Aug 2015, 19:57
They can't change the value of the trophy, Sony have very strict guidelines on how trophies are to be implemented into games. It helps to think of it from Xbox's point of view, where typically games have 1000 gamerscore to achieve. Developers can then use that gamerscore up anyway they like, be it few achievements with high values, or plenty with low values. This is why you get alot of games with millions of bronze trophies and a few silver/golds.

15th Oct 2015, 03:52
My issue is why couldn't they have made it reasonable. The mini game is dumb even if everything worked fine. It doesn't work fine so it's just sooooooooooooooo bad.
Too much dependency on random balloons.
Stun locking birds!
Unavoidable birds!
Invisible walls that make your chocobo uturn, usually into a bird
Sometimes holding right on the joystick makes your chocobo take a sharp right, sometimes it slightly lists to the right, and sometimes you run into an invisible wall and holding right makes you go left....
Getting better than 0.0? What substance was consumed to make someone think that was a good idea.

This mini game sucks at the best of times, but there are some generations of birds/balloons that make this mini game impossible to win. If you aren't going to make every instance of the game winable, why bother implementing it. Except sadism, there is no other reason to make the game this stacked against the player.

Can you fix the spawns of the birds or the balloons, or both, or make the chocobo controllable, or all of the above in some patch sometime please? Or should we all just accept the giant middle finger you've given us and take it into consideration when considering buying any new games in the series?


Back to spending another hour hoping to get lucky enough to finish this so I can get my sigil so I can actually enjoy the rest of the game.

15th Oct 2015, 20:14
Sadism or plain ineptitude.
The simple fact that they conceived such absurdly difficult (for the average player like me) minigames you are forced to complete in order to unlock the full power of the ultimate weapons, is proof enough that either they didn’t do any beta testing or they are as inept as they come.
When the minigame is worsened compared with its PS2 counterpart, this is also gross incompetence.