View Full Version : Vanguard The 'Shield'

31st Jul 2015, 20:19
So... Is it just me or does the shield not do what they say it does. For instance I'll be blocking while facing a Reaver or a Sentinel and I get Pounced or Kidnapped.
https://youtu.be/HGjbpgMRbZQ?t=2m15s (Poor visual, but even MMOHut says the samething.)

Where as to the trailer for the Vanguard says it blocks Pounce, Kidnap, and Abduct. I have had times where it does work, but I've had more times where blocking doesn't work. And some of those times that blocking did worked, I wasn't facing them or blocking but they attacked from the side my shield is on.

Can anyone shed a little light on this?

1st Aug 2015, 06:12
If I'm not mistaken, the ability to block those abilities was very short lived, and they changed it shortly after making the Vanguard preview trailer. I personally think they should put it back in the game, as it would buff the currently under powered Vanguard.

1st Aug 2015, 20:03
The shield has become a bit of a joke, if I had the choice I'd drop it and pick up another set of Kamas to throw with the free hand. I get why they did the nerf but it went a bit too far. The shield shouldn't block pounces; but it should at least negate a bit of the damage the pounce deals. You were never able to block being picked up by Sentinels (in a head on shield charge vs abduct/kidnap, the shield charge has always lost without dealing any damage to the sentinel; but it should at least reduce the time that the Sentinel has to carry you in the air. My biggest pet peeve has to be the recovery time when it come to raising your shield as you get back on your feet, you hear the sound that the shield is active when you are hit with a follow up attack; but the shield blocks nothing and you receive the full amount of the damage, either get rid of the shield sound or make it block the attack, if not reduce the damage.

3rd Aug 2015, 11:03
I just wanted a simple human tank with a buff to help the team, instead I got a middle finger. The Vanguard so slow, without that shield working properly, hes basically a sitting target. And the Deceiver's disguise ability its useless thanks to TF2. But using mind control was fun until I started dying rather than it being interrupted while in use. Its like I picked the worse characters possible, so I said screw this, and started new. Prophet and Summoner made me fall in love with the game all over again.