View Full Version : Stuck on Checking for Downloadable Content on XBOX ONE

31st Jul 2015, 17:30
I noticed that there was an update that appeared to have not installed correctly because Download Failed appeared over Life Is Strange in my Games Library. I resumed download and then launched the game but now when it gets to the Checking for Downloadable Content screen it just continues to check but never goes past that screen. I was previously able to play through all 3 episodes but the issue appears to have happened after some later patch.

I deleted all content and reinstalled it but have the same problem. Yesterday, I installed Episode 4 hoping the problem would go away but I still have the same problem.

I don't think this should matter but the game is installed on an external drive. Everything else works fine with all of my other games. I just don't want to have to restart the game over again and want to be able to continue playing.

What can I do?

2nd Aug 2015, 14:22
I have this problem, too.

3rd Aug 2015, 16:57
I have fixed the problem. I went to play King's Quest yesterday and realized it was doing the same thing where it wouldn't see DLC and let me start playing a game. In fact, I couldn't connect to any game servers even though the XBOX Network Test said everything was fine and I could watch NetFlix movies with no problem.

I called Microsoft and discovered what the problem was. I have my XBOX in standby mode. While they don't know what caused this connectivity issue apparently some glitch occurred and simply rebooting the XBOX doesn't make it go away because it is still in standby mode.

The solution for me was to go into Settings and then choose the Restart option. This is basically the equivalent of unplugging the XBOX and plugging it back in. Once I did this, all my games started working again and now I can play Life Is Strange again.