View Full Version : A love letter to the makers.

31st Jul 2015, 15:33
I like to thank you and Dontnod for this game, I've never felt so much relation to one game where I'm not only projecting myself on to the protagonists but wanting to mother them at the same time. I particularly relate to Chloe, I went through a parents death at a young age, I also got abused at a young age, I have a huge fear of abandonment and also considered my best friend (ambiguous friendship) my guardian angel. I don't think you'll be able to comprehend the amount of lives you've touched and coming from a media source that's never dealer with such subjects you tenderly so have.
This game has truly helped me come out of a dark hole since its release in Christmas.
You have always continued to bring out touching games, from tomb raider to final fantasy so keep up your good work and continue to reach out to people that need it.

11th Aug 2015, 05:05
I second this. It really made an impact on me. I also relate to Chloe as my dad died at 12. Her life was alot like mine. To this day I wish I had a close friend but they all went away too. I know that feeling of abandonment. And Nintengeek is right I wanted to parent them, friend them, help. Them, love them. Really made me feel alot. I cried alot. Thank you for such a beautiful game.