View Full Version : MISC. Overall War Scoreboard and/or War Mode

13th Aug 2014, 04:29
Since Nosgoth is showing the war between the humans and vampires I would love to see the overall score (human kills vs vampire kills) projected on the home screen. It could be on a daily, or weekly cycle and could award perks to the winning (or losing) side.

I think this idea could also be used to open up a new game mode (war mode) in which the two sides fight for one week to have the most kills each day, on each map. Same deathmatch style gameplay, but each player picks a side, or gets randomly assigned for each one week war.

The lore that was posted to steam about Nosgoth is great, and I think a war mode could help people see the bigger picture beyond just the individual deathmatches.

Also, thanks devs for such a great game already! I'm looking forward to all the future updates!