View Full Version : [Spoiler] Those coordinates!

30th Jul 2015, 00:18
So I searched up those coordinates. And.... Tillamook Bay. All locations are near or at Tillamook Bay. But what does that has to do with David?

30th Jul 2015, 05:48
Is just a game, pal. Arcadia Bay does not even exist..

3rd Aug 2015, 13:24
I'm guessing it's where the devs took inspiration for the setting of Arcadia bay.

Just googled:
In fact, yup, this just confirms what people suspected a month ago :) http://lifeisstrange-theories.tumblr.com/post/121262973498/the-real-arcadia-bay

3rd Aug 2015, 15:01
That's cool. I was planning on googling the coordinates. Nice little easter egg :)