View Full Version : ¿What does that mean? [SPOILER]

29th Jul 2015, 18:56

I just wanted you opinion/explanation for the moment when chloe and max are checking if rachel's body is still there, and then max sees a blue hair, or something blue i dont know. I need you explanation because i did not get that, i was just too shocked i didnt have time to see it well, i just saw a blue blur in the dirt. Please help me out here.

29th Jul 2015, 19:07
i think is blue trash bag

29th Jul 2015, 19:10

Also, max said like: "Chloe, dont look"

29th Jul 2015, 21:42
It's a body bag. It's only when Max opens it that they see the actual body. Judging from their reaction, it had to be Rachel. Max told Chloe not to look the second time they dug it up, because she knows how much Rachel meant to her.