View Full Version : Episode 3 - Crash when Max try on clothes at Chloe's (PS4)

29th Jul 2015, 01:54
Like the title say, every time Max puts on Rachael's clothes the game crashes. The same place every time. I have tried for hours. With different choices or restarting the game from earlier scenes and now finally I tried replaying episode 3. Still the same. I can't find any info about anybody else having this problem so my guess is it has to do with the patch but I can't test that theory because you can't delete a patch or a DLC on PS4. I will have to delete the whole game and re-download it but since that is 14GB and I have a slow connection it's something I'd rather not have to do. I have sent so many crash reports that I fear they will think I'm doing an DoS attack.

Does anybody have any ideas?

EDIT: I would also like to ad that the game started to hack at some points when a new environment started, after you leave the school main building.

1st Aug 2015, 14:18
Anybody? I'm getting kinda desperate here.