View Full Version : Xbox360 freezes [Life Is Strange Episode 4]

29th Jul 2015, 00:25
Well, I was just about to finish fourth episode of Life Is Strange, but I wasn't even given a chance to do so. My console froze, when girls got into room where party was going on. Just right after Warren took a selfie with Max. Here's a photo showing where exactly game freezes (sorry for bad quality, it was made with quite weak phone): http://oi62.tinypic.com/bhgcvn.jpg. When this shows up, I can do nothing - I can't play, I can't close the game, I can't do anything on my console. It's a real freeze. Please, help me as soon as possible. I'd very like to finish this episode.

31st Jul 2015, 08:45

Sorry to hear this is happening. Does the game freeze at the exact point every time? It might be worth doing a fresh install of Episode 4. Make sure you back up your save file first though.

31st Jul 2015, 22:49
Well, it happens only at this point, unfortunately. I tried deleting and redownloading the Episode 4 before you gave me your advice and it also didn't work at all.

5th Sep 2015, 21:56
So you can't help me after all? Well, that's a shame, because this issue won't solve itself. It happens again. Because of that I won't be able to play the final episode and I wouldn't like my money to be wasted...