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28th Jul 2015, 22:21
May contain spoilers

So I have encountered the first bug in my history of playing Life is Strange.

In the scene where Chloe and Max go to the front of the dorm. Chloe starts to talk with some guy, and I have approached the girl piloting the drone. She was complaining about me going to the movies with Warren. She was repeating over and over the same few sentences just like she should until I have approached her. Then we started to talk and at one point the speech bubble appeared in the top part of the screen. At that point I have gone back in time and started conversation all over again. This time though I could hear what she wanted to say loudly and at the same time a bit more quietly the sentences that she was repeating over and over again before I have approached her. It was really odd and it was the only accident like that.

I hope I have described it well enough.

28th Jul 2015, 22:36
xbox, pc, ps3 or ps4 ?
can you give the support more informations please :)
it sounds like a pc or xbox problem for me

i think in this section of the forum you can spoiler if it helps to find and solve the problem

29th Jul 2015, 19:56
It was PC. I can give all the additional information if required.

Windows 8.1 Pro
Processor: Intel i7-4820K
32GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 Ti SC
Native and game resolution: 2560x1440
Graphics Driver 353.30
Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 840 Evo 500GB
Game running from Steam platform. I'm not sure what version of game I was playing but I've downloaded the update at around 9:30~10 a.m. GMT+1 yesterday.

31st Jul 2015, 08:39
Hi Mike,

That sounds pretty odd. Does this happen again when you re-loaded the scene?

2nd Aug 2015, 13:46
I've recorded video from the scene. The bug kicks in every single time (played it about 4 times) if I rewind the time. Every time it's a bit different, but here is a good example:

Keep an eye during those times:



5th Aug 2015, 22:27
I hope that video I've recorded shows clearly enough the bug I was talking about.
Please let me know if You will need some more information.