View Full Version : The Fane map lagging the game.

12th Aug 2014, 21:44
Hello there.

I tried to look for the Search option to see if there was already a threat opened, but couldn't find such option. However, didn't find a similar threat in the first pages, so I thought it would be fine to open it. If another similar threat exists, please notice me and so I'll post there.

My problem (among other bugs you're already aware of, of course) is with The Fane map. Usually, depending of the day, and with the help of a game booster, I'm able to play more or less fine the game in the rest of the maps, with only a bit of lag in general and a bit more in combats, but nothing I can't deal with. However, this doesn't happen in The Fade. When I play this map, either in Seige or Deathmatch mode, it doesn't matter if my latency is good, I lag really much, until the point that is really hard to play decently. That's not only the problem, but once that happens, such lag continues along all the game and in the rest of the maps, EVEN when I restart the game and Steam. And usually it doesn't wear off until I play next day (I guess for turning off the computer).

I'd like to know if more people have this problem, or if it's just me, and so if is my problem, how could I fix it.

Thanks for your attention.

12th Aug 2014, 21:52
By lag you mean fps drops and not real lag in the sense of network issues?

The map is relatively new and still has a couple spots that need to be optimized, so its not only you.

Could you post screenshots of locations where you notice it?

12th Aug 2014, 21:55
Yes, FPS drops, since my connection is just fine.

There aren't just a couple spots. It's the whole map. Even when I get into it already takes time, and the lag doesn't wear off passed the time, like can happen sometimes with other maps.

And I check my latency with the Tab key and is the same as always, being as max. 60.

12th Aug 2014, 22:21
There is a significant optimization pass for Low/Medium detail settings for the fane in the next patch

12th Aug 2014, 22:23
Nice! Hope that will fix the problem :)

Thanks the both of you for your fast answers! After the patch comes out I'll post here to let you know if it works to me or not.