View Full Version : TYRANT Players Have Little Love for the Tyrant?

12th Aug 2014, 20:43
After playing Nosgoth for 50 or so hours, I've noted that many players avoid picking the Tyrant and choose to play as any other class, even when those choices stand in the way of effectively engaging the humans. Personally, after initial distaste, I've grown to love the Hulk of the Vampire Legions: The class's many abilities work extremely well to distract and disorient the human team, opening up opportunities for the other vamps to jump in and make their kills. Against many a human team, vampires without a Tyrant seem pretty unable to effectively engage the humans, being reduced to only brief skirmishes between which the humans can stock up at the health stations. I've seen it happen many times when everyone simply refuses to pick it up (even I want to change up my approach from time to time).

I would suspect that players shun the Tyrant for his slow movement speed and the importance of directing your charge in a manner that you either keep 2-3 humans occupied while other vamps close in, or end your run behind a corner and out of fire. In contrast the Reaver is a ninja, able to quickly run around and climb up the walls. To avoid the Tyrant from becoming an underused class in the game, I think he needs to be made more approachable somehow. A proper tutorial where you can train his movement and abilities would go a long way - maybe add an achievement for mastering the tutorial or using the class effectively against other players to give more incentive for getting a good handle on the class. Other than that, I'm woefully out of ideas.

Any suggestions from other players?

12th Aug 2014, 22:07
I agree about the Tyrant and I think it would be good to pick a map and just try the classes and their abilities in it.For example you dont know wich ability is good for you and in the map you can try it out and inspect the map closer so you can use your surroundings more effectively.

12th Aug 2014, 22:23
The Tyrant is really weird to play after using other vampires because of the big change in speed (climbing walls feels like an eternity -_-) but be careful to assume that not using a Tyrant hinders your team's engagement potential. That only happens if people fill the team with Deceivers (and to some extent Sentinels but a good few Air Strikes can fix that).

I do think that a Tyrant with Reaver Shadow Bomb support is a crazy good initiator though (and assassin if he's using charge and knocks down a human, from charge you can combo into ground pound/shockwave and then melee once or something, almost impossible to avoid the stunlock after the initial hit).

Edit: Said Reavers can't engage when I meant Deceivers. Whoops.

12th Aug 2014, 22:28
It's a good class, but when your team isn't good enough, you'll be forced to play as another class. The majority of players are new and learning, so I think it'll become a more popular class in the future when everyone/most of the players have learned how to play as a team, and how each class works.

12th Aug 2014, 22:48
Depends on the class choices and skill of my team and the other team. I have to feel that it is worth picking Tyrant, in games where the other team is really staying on top of one another and no one else on my team is initiating, I'll go Tyrant. But right now, you can initiate easier, from a distance, with easier escapes as Reaver.

Also, as a long time player I will tell you this, due to the very high human damage (before the many damage and rate of fire adjustments) Tyrant was a liability, it was the easiest vampire to kill and lock down, it was far easier to go Reaver and have better escapes and more options to engage and get away. As a result, Tyrant was the weakest vamp in the metagame at the time and it kind of fell out of favor for the Reaver which was the go to class as it was far easier and safer to engage/get away as one.

Now that the meta has shifted and human damage is significantly more reasonable and there are actual damage caps on bolas and other CC's, Tyrant is in a way better place, it's just a matter of people picking up the class again.

12th Aug 2014, 23:19
Thanks for the replies, everyone! I may have been exaggarating the Tyrant's importance, I admit; I too have seen some successfull initiations with Reaver heavy teams, and Deceiver + Reaver teams, and there are certainly some instances where the human team organizes very well against a Tyrant initiation. I actually like that the game usually forces players to change classes between deaths to find more effective counters against the other team's attack or defence tactics.

The ability to look around the maps on your own and without fuss is actually an interesting idea; when you start, you'd already have an idea of what locations are visible from where and what the best routes from a to b are etc. Though I have to say that the current maps are a beautiful combo of easy-to-understand-simplicity and balanced spots for both attacks and defences (with more risky corridors to run to get to the places). If the devs do take up on the idea, it would be awesome if the maps were filled with non-hostile npcs in exploration mode; Fane would have Razielim (especially fledglings) hanging around and the human cities would either have humans or be filled with corpses and some vampires taking in the recent battle field. It wouldn't be unthinkable for the cities to be abandoned after a major battle, and the matches would represent human rebels revisiting the cities to gain lost ground or to pick off vampires in a location where they are less numerous.

Thanks for the little bit of historical context, Khalith! Gives me hope that newbies will adapt the class quicker once the game is out and balanced :)

Edit: Just spotted a typo in the last sentence, retypo'd it, and then got it right (I hope).