View Full Version : Episode 4 crashes on start

28th Jul 2015, 02:18
I haven't played since finishing Episode 3 so this issue may have been introduced by any patches released since then but I can't launch Episode 4.

Crashes instantly.

Tried re-installing, updating drivers, compatibility mode, disabling anti-virus, even rebooting (big whoop, you say? i reboot about once a month!)

i7-3770k / R9 290 (latest drivers) / Windows 8.1 / Steam

Edit: I see now there was an update (20150720-344867) -- can someone confirm this is the cause?

28th Jul 2015, 03:37
Update 1:
Okkkaaaayyy... I unplugged my USB headset (Plantronics GameCom 780) and now it's working. It only crashes when my headset is plugged in, which sucks because I prefer them over my speakers.
I have never in my life of playing hundreds of video games experienced an issue like this until now...

Update 2:
Good news for me, plugged in my headset into another USB port (on same controller) and the game starts just fine. Looks like Life is Strange is the only game that doesn't like my headset plugged into that specific USB port.

Like I said, very weird issue.

31st Jul 2015, 08:51

This was indeed an issue with certain headsets and 7.1 audio set ups. We have since rolled out a patch to fix this :)