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27th Jul 2015, 19:02
Hi.I created this thread so that people can share their predictions for DE:MD.So here is my prediction(Spoiler alert for DE:HR)

So this game will follow the Darrow ending of HR.The reason I think it will continue from that one is because even though Darrow planned for all aug tech to be banned after he sent his message I believe that it continued but now it's seen that if you got augments you are now lower class.This explains why there is an augmentation slum in the game.Jensen has now stopped working for Sarif and joined the Anti Illuminati organisation that was hinted at in The Missing Link(DE:HR DLC)The proof of this is that the jet pilot in the E3 trailer was Quinn from the missing link(Now I firmly believe that it's him even though he looks slightly different because they look way too alike)At the end of The Missing Link Quinn was talking to someone from the anti Illuminati that said that if all goes to plan Jenson will find and join them.I don't believe that Darrow and Zhao Yun Rao were the entire Illuminati.Jenson said he believed he could once save the world in the trailer so know I believe that he is losing this belief because even though he has probably nearly destroyed the Illuminati these terrorists are still attacking people and he probably believed in his subconscious that if he defeated all the Illuminati that all evil in the world would stop but these terrorists started attacking innocent people so now he and the anti Illuminati are going to try and stop them.
Please share your predictions as well. Thanks for reading this poorly written prediction :)

27th Jul 2015, 19:52
Hi Kris, you need to improve your writing a little bit but that's ok :p
FYI, I believe it's official that MD will not follow a specific ending from the prequel, and if it is, it's probably the 4th one. The augmentation crisis can be explained by the "attack of the zombies" in the previous one, I guess.
And welcome!