View Full Version : Chest Rewards improvements

27th Jul 2015, 13:29
Hello everyone!!! I would like to share my feedback of the reward system and maybe give some suggestions :
i am a lvl 50 player and maybe it has to do with the fact that the reward system is no more interesting for me.
The problem imo is the chest rewards i have arround 22 chests, thier drop rate is too high i think, so for someone who cant afford to pay the keys its useless.
Back in the closed beta days it was interesting to get the weapons and ability.
I think they should even lower their drope rate or add keys with rare drope rate to give the players who are attracted to nosgoth by its F2P aspect a chance to unlock those chests.

eager to hear what you think about it :)

28th Jul 2015, 22:02
I heard many players complain about same thing in-game...
Chest drop rates are too high, but they aren't going to buy the keys and basically get frustrated and rage.

31st Jul 2015, 14:09
I think keys are dropped in League matches now, but I agree, it would be nice if chests dropped a little less, and you could get keys either for coins (even if it's a lot of coins) or in the Daily Reward (level 7 only, maybe, to limit how common they are?).

The Runestone voucher drops also kinda suck, btw; 15% off but they only last 24 hours? Not that I ever use them anyway, but if you're trying to convince people to take advantage of the deal and give you some money, maybe at least extend the timelimit on them a bit.