View Full Version : Unable to launch game - keeps reading downloadable content

27th Jul 2015, 12:03
Whenever I try to start the game on my Xbox One, it goes to the "press any button" screen, then says "Checking downloadable content"; then keeps saying "Reading download content, please wait...", and nothing I can do about it. It was in that screen for about 40 minutes now. :/

28th Jul 2015, 15:53
This problem still isn't fixed after downloading and installing episode 4. Cannot continue to play :/

28th Jul 2015, 19:02
I have the same problem after install episode 4 my xbox one is stuck on reading downloadable content please wait ........ We had to wait weeks for this episode and know its here it wont even work. So looking forward to playing today. Anyone got a fix for this

29th Jul 2015, 19:56
Even after deleting the game and re-installing it, it is still stuck at the "Reading downloadable content" screen forever. Is this going to get ignored? Do I have to ask for a refund or something (If I can't play it?)

29th Jul 2015, 21:20
I spoke to xbox support and they advised to do a factory reset also make sure all files for the game are on the internal hard drive not a external

This worked for me