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12th Aug 2014, 14:34
I managed to find a way around the "Joining match" crash, and this could possibly help others who crash on startup as well.

1) If you're crashing on "Joining match" or "Authenticating", run the game in Windowed mode. Haven't tried borderless windowed, so go with windowed for now. Once you're in game, when it says "Syncing your online account", hit Alt+Enter to go back to fullscreen mode. What appears to be an issue is that this way, mouse sensitivity and key bindings are returned to their Default state, so you may need to fiddle around.

2) If you're crashing on the Nosgoth splash screen, navigate to [USER]\Documents\My Games\Nosgoth\BCMPGame\Config. Open up BCMPSystemSettings, look for the line Fullscreen=True, and set it to say Fullscreen=False. This *should* start the game in windowed mode. Afterwards, follow the steps above. Simply hit Alt+Enter while you're in a match.

This helped me, so I'm probably going to be doing this until the devs address the actual issue. I truly hope this workaround helps you guys as well! One thing to note is that I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Have fun!

12th Aug 2014, 14:49
May I asked u what actually happens to u, if the game shows "Joining match" ?
Do u crash or does the game do an infinite search/ joining ?

And does ur fix only work if u switch from windowed mode to fullscreen ?
Or could be the fullscreen mode the problem ? So that if u play only windowed u have no problems...

Sry for the many questions, but I have a similar problem only that my search/joining is infinite.. and I get no error/crash whatsoever.. and I'm desperately trying to find a way around...

12th Aug 2014, 15:17
My game crashes, so I have to go windowed while I'm not in game. Then, in the match, I can go fullscreen.

I could constantly play windowed, but my game lags that way, so yeah.

As for your issue, it looks like a firewall or an antivirus is blocking outgoing connections. Check if you've allowed the game in any antivirus you have, including Windows Firewall. COMODO in particular can be quite bothersome. Also, go to your SteamApps, common, nosgoth, Binaries, Win32, right click the Nosgoth exe, go to compatability, check Run as administrator. You should also try running in Vista SP2 compatability mode.

12th Aug 2014, 15:40
Thank you, I already tried turning of my firefall and/or my antivirus programm but neither helped..
But I will definitively try ur other suggestions.

Edit: Tried all of ur suggestions but nothing changed sadly :(
But thanks anyway, I will just have to wait for psyonix to fix it :(