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12th Aug 2014, 13:22
Didn't have a single topic I wanted to talk about here. I just wanted a place to put MY personal feedback in the hopes the the devs may take an interest, as well as wanting to hear constructive advice or opinion from the community.

First and foremost, GREAT WORK! This game is turning out to be much more fun than I originally expected. The art and music do an incredible job of setting the right mood. The gameplay is smooth and the controls are pretty good. Tightening a few nuts and bolts could help, but for still being closed beta, this game is awesome.

I could talk about all the things done right all day, but I think when it comes down to it, the only way to get better is to point out the flaws so we can fix them. There's three I wanted to mention in this post: Matchmaking / Leavers, Invisibility & Mind Control, and Creative use of Environments.

I see matchmaking posts all over the place, and while some are rage induced, almost all of them make the same point and cry out for similar solutions. We NEED consequences for leavers. YES, even in beta. Even if the profiles get reset between now and launch. You can't REALLY test a PvP game without understanding how it's players will be weighed and measured against eachother in the matchmaking system. It really is vital that we get some kind of system implemented, preferably before open beta. I've invited friends to try the game during the latest free weekend, only to have almost all of them turn their nose up at this awesome game simply because of the leaver epidemic. I know other things seem to come in at a higher priority, but THIS is an issue that needs attention before the game is released, not after.

Invisibility and Mind Control. Ok, I know there are people who love these mechanics. I get that there needs to kind of be something for everybody, but really? In a game where the teams are THIS small, and the environments are THIS confined, you felt invisibility was balanced? AND with no perk or equipment to nullify it? If invisibility isn't going to get nerfed or changed then the game NEEDS a hard counter to it. Every other ability in the game takes skill of some kind. Usually you have to aim or angle your shot or jump just right. Positioning is always key, as well as staying in motion. Invisibility? Just hit a button, vanish, get behind someone and spam your attack. Worse still, the attack that is made more powerful when attacking from behind is on the same character. Playing better than your opponents always counters every other ability in the game, and THAT's fair. Playing better than an invisible opponent helps, but the rewards for vanishing are way too high and encourage unskillful play. Please address it.

Mind Control is not AS game breaking, but it's still a highly disruptive mechanic. I wouldn't so much like to see it changed or nerfed as much as I'd like to see a human ability that serves similar purpose. Maybe fear inducing essence of garlic, or a brandished holy symbol?

Environments. The maps we have are, in my opinion, beautiful and engaging. There's plenty of interesting places to fight, all kinds of cover, or enclosures to chase through, fly over, climb up, and juke behind. I'm not sure if the game will have the resources to allow it, but I think the environments could do so much more. One simple idea is destructability. When a Tyrant charges into a wall, or an Alchemist's grenades explode by the crates or debris a vamp ducks behind, I always expect the cover to get smashed to bits. Being able to shoot or punch out walls, or collapse walkways or balconies could add more tactical depth to this game. It would also make the map selections more interesting because the maps would change as the fight rages on, giving you a different experience each time. This is obviously something for the future of the game, not really needed in beta, but I thought it was a cool idea none the less.

That's my two cents for now. Hope someone finds this interesting or valuable.

12th Aug 2014, 13:32
The Deceiver's invisibility from Disguise can sort of be "detected". There are many spots where you can see the Deceivers footprints, puddles of water or in dirt for example, always be on the lookout for this when you see there is a Deceiver on the other team, which almost makes the move useless. Perhaps the best way to find an invisible character though is by sound! This game replies on sound so much, and once you get more use to the different sounds it becomes pretty easy to dodge all Vampire abilities (Sentinels abduct/kidnap, Tyrants charge, Reavers bombs, etc.).

Dominate Mind really isn't good, especially if you have a halfway descent team that can shoot at the Deceiver and free you. Compared to Disguise, DM is actually pretty bad.

12th Aug 2014, 20:14
I've actually found that often times the invisibility effect helps little; Illusion has saved my behind far more times than dropping invisible, even when I've tried to make an unexpected turn to counter the humans predicting my escape path. A few times as a human, I've actually seen the "invisible" deceiver in a ghostly form. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen as a midway point between the original and the first nerfed invisibilities, but it has made the deceiver easy pickings if the human team has joined in on firing at him.

Mind control, while annoying at times, causes little damage, takes long to activate, lasts a short time and leaves the Deceiver vulnerable for the duration of it. Using it insted of the ability to disguise as a human is a risk, and to make proper use of it you have to either communicate enough with your team that they can attack the human you control away from their team's sight or AoE things that can damage the human player. And good reading of the situation, so that you can time your control just right and not get seen doing it. When used skillfully, however, it has cost my human characters many a life.

12th Aug 2014, 20:42
Shroud (the only other secondary ability that isn't Illusions) is the "ghostly form" you mentioned. It's really not a good escape method, although I guess it's better than nothing. Being slightly-less-visible and doing the AoE damage isn't bad.

The 5 seconds of invisibility you gain from holding down RMB when using Disguise is full invisibility however, minus the points I made earlier about footprints and sound.

13th Aug 2014, 00:05
I personally feel disguise is fine, as poor use can get you killed due to deceiver lacking decent escape skills. Mind control is useful, but difficult to do.

About the destructable environments, one of the pitfalls of the Unreal engine is that it does not support real time changes to set peices which eliminates that possibility.

13th Aug 2014, 01:31
We NEED consequences for leavers. YES, even in beta.
You don't understand how many people who bugged out will complain because of [insert consequence here]. Bugs need to be sorted out before we punish leavers. Flipping it over, however, having a bonus for people who chain multiple no-leave games IS a good idea.