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26th Jul 2015, 13:21
I've been playing for a month now and at platinum 1. My best score is 9 600 000 and I can't improve on that no matter what. So if the highest legally attained score is over 15 000 000 I am missing a few tricks.
I get my best scores using the Cipher rifle, which is at level 10.
I take out most targets at minimum zoom and no hold breath, using the score multiplier on targets and accident kills. But even if I take out every target and guard with 4 minutes to spare I can't get to 10 000 000.
I'm sure I'm not the only one frustrated by this game.
I'd love to hear your ideas for a higher score and any little nuggets you may have picked up along the way.
I'll start. Right at the beginning of the game, the sniper in the building on the right is doing some form of yoga/aerobics in the far left of the building. You can just make her out behind a pillar. I start my game by trying to injure her. She then limps towards the front entrance of the building, where I take her out with the gas heater.
Doing that with the Cipher on score multiplier gives me a 1 200 000 score to kick the game off. From there, it's any number of permutations.
I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

26th Jul 2015, 13:25
Appologies, just seen the sticky. Should read threads.