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12th Aug 2014, 10:58
Ohai Ladies and Gentlemen.
I got a few things to ask and a request.

Earlier when a game came out I liked to play that game because you were able to buy Items permanently. But they changed it to rent-only. So I left the game.
My request is: Please don´t remove the permanent Items. I can understand the removal of permanent Items but I don´t like that. Please keep them forever.

Second thing I would like to ask: Is it possible to play with a friend ? (Invite him/her to a game to play on the same side)

Last thing so far I would like to ask is: Is there some kind of wiki of Nosgoth where I can read out the dps of weapons ?

12th Aug 2014, 15:14
First of u can still buy Items permanently ... u just have to choose permament in the store ;)
To the second... yes and no xD a while ago playing with friends / making a party worked fine... atm the party system is... not working so well.. (that may be an understatement...) at least I need 3 to 5 attempts to make a party... But they said it's their No.1 priority to fix it...
I don't know anything about a Nosgoth Wiki but someone made a Video where he tested the different dps of the vamps:
Hope that helps ;)

12th Aug 2014, 15:42
Yep seems good.
And sorry for me being misunderstanding. I know that Items can be bought permanently. I just want it to be like that forever and not that they change it after a few month to rent-only.

1 more thing I forgot to ask about the scouter: About the exploding arrows. If I hit a vamp with such a arrow, does it stick to him and he cant escape explosion ?

12th Aug 2014, 20:13
Yep stormbow arrows stick to vampires, so can't be evaded with the exception of Shadow step. If an arrow explodes while in smoke form it does no damage.