View Full Version : In Memory of Robin Williams (a.k.a. Genie

12th Aug 2014, 06:05
It is sad that the English voice actor of Genie from both Disney's Aladdin and the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Robin Williams, has passed away yesterday. I decided to create this memorial thread to honor this very talented guy. Feel free to share any memories of Genie which he voiced as. Robin, you will be missed.

"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other."
- Leon


13th Aug 2014, 05:55
Robin Williams is one of my most favorite actors of all time and his roles have always inspired and taught me so much. my most favorite role of his was Pan from Hook i watched that movie sooooooooo much i STILL own the VHS and there are random times when ill just go and grab it just to watch it. the fact that he is the voice of genie is just even more awesome even more so since genie is in so many games. i was heartbroken when i heard the news.... i wish it wasnt true ...i really do. BANGARANG!

sidenote: ...it makes you wonder what will happen to genie's role in KH3? will he even be in it? ...if so would they have someone new voice him or would they use pre-recordings i dont know =/ this isn't a big concern just a little curious bout this

16th Aug 2014, 07:50
The loss of Robin Williams is just terrible, all that talents with voices and acting, wasted by depression. I wonder what caused such depression that drives a man to suicide? I mean, couldn't he see how much we all love his acting and voice talents? Didn't he realized that he would be hurting millions of fans, family and friends? It just doesn't make sense to me, True, I have no idea what depression can drive you to, I have no idea what he's been through, and I have no idea how hard an actor's life and voice actor's life is, but I'm deeply hurt and saddened by his departure from this world. He was one of a kind, a man of many talents, but it's all thrown away in this suicide by depression.

I like Robin Williams, I love his works in films and animated films and I believe that he was a good man, he wanted to be, I'm sure. I just wish he'd live a full life instead of cutting it short. I will sorely miss him. We will never find another like him, or a man of many voices like him.