View Full Version : Beta Key Not Working

12th Aug 2014, 00:42
1/5 beta keys that ive tried giving to my buddy has worked so far :/ Whats going on

scratch that 1/10 worked tried to give one to another buddy my 9 remaining were invalid

12th Aug 2014, 07:47
Dear Nosgoth staff,

I just tried to redeem my Beta key (immortal pack) and it says it's already claimed.

How do things go from here? A new key or a refund?

Thanks in advance.



12th Aug 2014, 10:15
I had the same problem when giving keys to a friend. Whenever I got my hands to one, it was already invalid. Seems a key gen is out there and its being used :/

12th Aug 2014, 12:20
Please report this to the SE Support Centre (https://support.nosgoth.com/system/templates/selfservice/nosgoth/#!portal/1001)- and hopefully they can sort something out for you.