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11th Aug 2014, 23:56
I have decided to try piercing pistols not long ago.
Gotta say, the sounds they make while shooting are very rich and satisfying. However, they seem to be slightly underpowered compared to ,lets say, heavy pistols.
Is there anyone who prefers piercing pistols, and if so, why? I feel like they could be deadly in the right hands , so i wanna hear your opinions.

12th Aug 2014, 00:42
All the Pistols are pretty equal, but obviously because the Piercing Pistols can hit multiple enemies they must be the worst when fighting an individual Vampire. Something that makes the Heavy Pistols good is their poke damage where a Vampire only exposes himself long enough for you to take one shot (despite the pistols you use) then hides, so whichever pistol does the most damage (heavy) benefits the most.

Here are the stats for the Prophet's Pistols (and if you use the Tinkerer Perk for +1 clip ammo):

DPS = Damage Per Second
DPC = Damage Per Clip


253 DPS
1265 DPC (+1 = 1380)

247.5 DPS
1320 DPC (+1 = 1485)

247.5 DPS
1260 DPC (+1 = 1350)

247 DPS
1170 DPC (+1 = 1300)

As you can see all their DPS are very close, it really comes down to DPC (and poke damage as explained before). I feel like Piercing Pistols are very viable.

12th Aug 2014, 01:26
Piercing pistols are pretty decent because, as shown above, you don't lose a lot of DPS for the potential of double damage per shot (I think). The trick is to use them against melee heavy teams (Tyrants/Deceivers, preferably not against Sentinels) and line yourself up. My problem with them is I can't often tell if I've actually pierced and hit two targets in the thick of things (you'd think it'd be obvious by double the numbers coming up but some kind of sound would be nice too) so I'm not sure if piercing bullets also do 100% damage.

Ztark, thanks for the numbers again, but are you sure that tinkerer is just +1 for each pistol? I know if you round the numbers after the 10% increase it should be but I feel like I get +2 on some of the pistols. I should really pay attention to the normal clip size instead of just looking in game with the tinkerer perk on.

12th Aug 2014, 01:31
good thing i've tried about piercing is that when dealing with a team of vampire with only 1 sentinel or indoors the piercing will deliver, also if the prophet knows how to position themselves they can always line up the shots to hit multiple target , but mostly these pair of pistols only benefits you when ur gonna expect a lot of close quarter fights , or countering sentinel tactic by having a roof over your head.

also with the indoor mindset the pistols pairs well when you have alchemist in your team , because your forcing a fight indoors with hex to disables and hunter's whip and what not bad initiations will spell doom for at least 2 vampires when that happens.

my personal experience is that i manage to kill a reaver indoors trying to feed while shooting a hexed tyrant blocking me.