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11th Aug 2014, 18:18
As many of you already know, there are no Steam achievements implemented yet. To make things easier why not give whoever is in charge of the achievements section of Nosgoth a few ideas, who knows maybe we manage give some spark to the fire.

Try to be at least just a bit realistic.
Lets see what kind of innovative weirdo achievements we can cook up and stir.

Of course, everyone is welcome to lend a helping hand!
Thanks in advance.

-Suggested Nosgoth Steam Achievements-

* Reach level 5/10/15/20/25/30/../... with individual human/vampire classes
* Be victorious on each and every map, Siege/TDM
* Score 2 Quad kills in 1 Siege game
* Deal more than 9000/15000/18000 damage during a single game
* Score a kill by dropping a human mid-air with the Sentinel class
* Reach level 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/../...
* (Achievement when unlocking individual classes)
* Devour 4/8/12 humans during a single game
* Cheat death as a human by restoring your health at health shrines 5/10/15 times without dying
* Finish off 4 humans/vampires with a single spell

You will be credited for your suggestion**