View Full Version : Max's Shirt (SPOILERS)

24th Jul 2015, 16:29
Ok, so, while watching the Episode 4 trailer for the millionth time, I discovered something interesting. If you pause in somewhat of the beginning of the trailer, you can see Max's shirt. It has a butterfly on it, which I find interesting. All along, I thought the doe was Max's spirit animal. But now I'm starting to wonder... In Episode 3, while back in time in Chloe's house, there is a snow globe with a doe in it. Depending on your choices on to break the snow globe or not, Max says something like, "That's a cool snow doe" if you didn't break it. However, if you did break it and didn't rewind, you get something along the lines of, "So it was William's snow doe!" This to me feels like the doe is William's spirit animal; not Max's. The doe at the end of Episode 1 is leading Max to the cliff, where Chloe reaches out for Max and Max wakes from her vision. Maybe William was guiding us to Chloe.
Now, this part gets really theoretical, so here we go. I've heard a lot of theories behind the butterfly giving Max her powers (aka Rachel giving Max her powers). Intro to the 'Max is Rachel' theory... What if, since Max is wearing a butterfly shirt in episode 4, possibly the 'Max is Rachel' theory will be proven true? I really do not even know, just running things off the top of my head. SO EXCITED for the upcoming episode.:D

30th Jul 2015, 13:44
I think the fact that the animal on Maxs clothing changes simply indicates that what she is wearing is largely irrelevant. Both animals are pretty feminine so neither is unlikely to be found on female clothing.

As for the spirit animals; I think the Butterfly is either Chloes or Williams. I'd wager on the latter and explain why further down. The most obvious reason being that the colour of the butterfly is the same as the colour of Chloes hair. Then there's the fact that the butterfly is there for Chloe to prompt Max to the corner of the bathroom in order to save her ass from Nathan moments later shooting her. A much more subtle clue to this is in (I think Episode 4) where there is a drawing/painting of the blue butterfly found in Chloes room.

I expect the Doe is Rachels and guiding/helping Max to find out the truth about her. Note the scene in the junkyard in Episode 4 as Chloe digs up Rachels body. The shot pans out and the doe is watching downcast and sad from the distance. Flip back to Episode 2 and recall the doe in the junkyard that you took a collectible picture of. Pretty sure it was initially standing on the same spot as the burial, before bounding off to another spot, and finally into the distance.

My theory is that the spirit animals aren't of the living but rather the spirit of the dead (see: William, Rachel) guiding the living. This would be better and have much more feel and meaning than, say, the butterfly being Chloes and the Does being Maxs.

That's my 2 cents worth, anyway.