View Full Version : Rachel Story DLC

24th Jul 2015, 15:17
I know there is still 2 episodes left to be played for us on Life is Strange. But as early as now i'm hoping that SE and dontnod will release a DLC or special episode in which we control Rachel, and the story of it is it will show what really happened to her. About her mysterious disappearance. And who she really is as a person. There is so much to cover about Rachel Amber. What do you think guys? Is it a possibility?

24th Jul 2015, 17:03
The last two episodes will at least solve the mystery of her disappearance and we may even learn a couple of new things about her. A DLC might be interesting, depending on what happened to her, but I don't think we will get one.

25th Jul 2015, 01:20
I like the idea, although I think I'd miss the rewind time ability.

27th Jul 2015, 21:49
It would be the most obnoxious thing of all time if after playing through episodes 4 and 5 we still don't have an understanding of what happened. I mean the entire game is basically about what happened to Rachel. Having the game NOT tell us that would be absurd.

As for rewind....its very possible Rachel has some kind of power too. Afterall something weird happened.

3rd Sep 2015, 14:40
Si el juego esta basado en Twin Peaks, seguramente haya un DLC con 'Los ultimos 5 dias en la vida de Laura Palmer' version LIS

11th Sep 2015, 22:50
After the events of episode 4, a "Rachel Story DLC" seems very unlikely to me (Although it might not be entirely impossible. You could still play her before the events of episode 4 take place. But IMO it would be too sad to play a charcater whose fate is already sealed).

Nevertheless I'm still hoping for any kind of "bonus DLC episodes". I would love to spend some more time with those characters before the game is truly finished.

12th Sep 2015, 12:46
That's actually not a bad idea, even though it's pretty unlikely to happen. It'll be like Fire Walk With Me for Twin Peaks, since it's influenced the game so much. I mean, I wouldn't mind getting to know Rachel myself instead of listening to other people's descriptions of her, but I guess that's the beauty behind the mystery, to keep us all wondering.

As for playing her despite knowing what'll happen to her in the end, if this DLC does happen and if they do it right, it's going to leave us feeling the way Crisis Core did. All it takes is some good storytelling, which they have proven to do so well so far.