View Full Version : Capture The Body Live July 24th-27th

24th Jul 2015, 09:55
Time for another quick Events announcement! Starting today, we'll be running more "Capture The Body" sessions for the next few days, giving everyone access to this new game mode during selected times. Give it a whirl and share your feedback with us, as we work towards releasing this new game mode.

"Capture The Body" will be live from July 24th through 27th (Friday-Monday) during this time window:

6pm - 4am BST / 10am - 8pm PDT (local timings (www.worldtimebuddy.com/event?lid=8,14&h=8&sts=23962020&sln=10-20&a=show&euid=750addc1-59f2-8604-59f1-d100fc486ef9))

"Capture The Body" is our take on a flag-capture mode, where the objective for the Vampire team involves dragging a body to a designated spot on the map. The Humans, in turn, have to do everything they can to prevent the Vampires from capturing the objective. Half-way through the match, you’ll switch sides.

As this mode is a work-in-progress, we'd love to hear what you think of it. Make sure you join the discussions here on the forums and share your feedback (both good and bad!).

24th Jul 2015, 13:51
yeah, it is really nice to bridge the time to the long-awaited Ranking beta :) hope you guys get the 2 game modes completely in the game soon :)