View Full Version : Free week ended but I can still log In and play.

11th Aug 2014, 15:06
I can log In and play as usual on steam. Though my lv Is back to 1, I still have all my unlocks

12th Aug 2014, 14:58
The free weekend has ended for me as well, yet I still have access to the game. I have the "Nosgoth Base Game Default Package". I bought two gift copies of the vet pack and sent one to a friend. The other one is in my Steam Inventory waiting to be used. I did not buy any runestones or vet packs besides those. I also did not redeem a key.

I did not experience a level/unlock reset either.

Have a nice day!

12th Aug 2014, 20:48
so i dowloaded Nosgoth while it was in the free weekend,and today (12/08/14) i can still play it,i don't know if it is intentional,or if it is a bug.
i can play it,but can't join matches