View Full Version : Episode 4 trailer :(

23rd Jul 2015, 15:33
The entire 2 minutes of the episode 4 literally gave me chills and scare all over me. Chloe's house is empty, There is a freakin hospital! Warren and Nathan fighting all over the place, Frank is upset. Until now i still can't recover from the shock that i felt after i watched the trailer.

I have questions:
1. Any idea where is that wooden shed at around 0:08 of the trailer
2. Who is max pertaining about the "no sign of life"? Chloe or Rachel?
3. Is the door at 0:31 is the door to the dark room?

But overall I'm so hyped and excited to play episode 4!

23rd Jul 2015, 16:26
I'm crying out of happiness right now. Feels soooo damn good to see the announcment and the trailer after ~2 ****ty months in my life. It's also amazing how the game turned from a teenage drama into a ******* horror movie.