View Full Version : tried to re-install and they charge 4.99 again?

22nd Jul 2015, 21:34
because my paid for hitman game shut down after mission 2 every time i deleted it and tried to reinstall it from the play store. .how come i have to pay 4.99 again? and why does it crashes?

23rd Jul 2015, 02:45
Sorry to hear your problem mate, I've never heard of this one before, maybe NicolasVerge (the Forum Mod here) knows something about this issue and can shed some light on the matter for you !?

I'm guessing there's been a hiccup with the Play Store somewhere as ALL your purchases should be registered within your account, so it shouldn't matter if you uninstall / reinstall any game, it should simply allow you to download it again which I have done a few times with various games over the past few years, here's a few things you can do to try and fix it.....

1. Try logging-in to the play store then open the 'My Account' section and check your 'Order History', there you should see a list of ALL purchases made with your account, scroll-down to find the record of your 'Hitman Sniper' purchase and Tap to 'View' it, from there you should hopefully be able to just download it without having to pay again !!

2. Alternatively, if that didn't help then go to your Phones System Settings - Application Manager - All Apps Section - Then scroll down till you find 'Google Play Store' and Tap on it then Clear the Cache then Clear the Data then Uninstall Play Store Updates now go back to the ALL Apps Section and Tap on 'Google Play Services' which should be just above the last one and clear the Cache and Data for that as well then Reboot your phone and check the PLay Store to see if it's allowing you to download Hitman Sniper without having to pay again !!

3. If neither of those worked then you can try Resetting / Refreshing your Google Account on your phone / tablet by removing your account and re-adding it simply by going to Settings - Accounts - Tap Google under Manage Accounts - Tap the Google Account that you bought the game with - Tap the menu icon (three dots top-right) then Tap Remove.....Then go to Settings - Accounts - Add Account and follow the on-screen steps to re-add your account then Re-Boot your phone / tablet and check the Play Store to see if it's fixed your problem !!

One of those should clear the problem for you BUT in the rare case that it doesn't you'll have to send an E-Mail to Google Play and get them to look into it, explaining to them the troubleshooting steps you've taken (above) so they know it's not a problem at your end ok !?

You also said about the game crashing a lot when you were playing it.....What phone / tablet and Operating System (KitKat, Lollipop etc.) are you playing it on ??

I hope this helps and you get back to Sniping again soon !! :cool:

23rd Jul 2015, 14:45
well the playstore issue was fixed. ..thx: )
the game shutsdown af ter mission 2. any idea why?

i have an LG g2 mini

23rd Jul 2015, 17:40
Hey there,

As for you crashing issue, Hitman: Sniper is very memory intensive and might crash if there are other applications running in the background. Try closing everything you have open.

The update we'll be releasing soon should help on that front as well.

Hope this answers your concern.

24th Jul 2015, 01:58
No probs mistaconfort, Happy to help and glad you got the Play Store working again and you didn't have to pay twice !!

As for your crashing.....Going off of what Nicolas said about the game being very memory intensive, be sure to check that you have enough storage space on your phone / memory card (about 1Gb free should cover it) this should help along with Nicolas' advice !!

But, there might be another reason behind the crashing.....Check your phones specifications and then compare them against the minimum hardware requirements that's needed to run the game (maybe Nicolas can help with this info for you !?).....Just in-case the 'LG G2 Mini' might not be quite powerful enough to run the game properly which would cause the game to crash like that ok !?

I hope this helps !!

24th Jul 2015, 14:40
From what we're seing the LG G2 Mini should be powerful enough to run the game. It's hard to say what is happening.

If the problems persists, send us an email through the feedback button in the game.

24th Jul 2015, 14:56
the game just shuts down while loading. .and sometimes the menu does come up and it says i should check my armory. then when i click on armory it shuts down again..without any warning. i have around 2gb of free space, but it sucks because the game is now unplayable.

26th Jul 2015, 02:19
the game just shuts down while loading. .and sometimes the menu does come up and it says i should check my armory. then when i click on armory it shuts down again..without any warning. i have around 2gb of free space, but it sucks because the game is now unplayable.

That's a weird one that's for sure but I have heard of similar problems !!

Where have you got the game saved.....Is it on the phones internal memory or an external memory card (microSD) ??

If you have it saved on an external memory card (microSD) then try moving everything to do with the game onto your phones internal memory instead and clear the games Cache as well, then re-boot your phone and see if it still crashes, as I've heard of weird things like this causing problems like yours before now.....Maybe it's the same case for you and your phone !?

If this isn't the conflict that's causing the crash then I'm afraid I can't think of anything else to help you right now but I'll keep thinking and if I come-up with anything new to help then I'll post it here for you ok mate !?

Sorry I can't be of any more help but hopefully NicolasVerge can help you further as he can speak to the games designers etc. and hopefully get you back to enjoying their great game again SOON !!

!! Hope you get things sorted !!