View Full Version : We REALLY need a surrender option for ranked/leagues

21st Jul 2015, 18:16
Just been in a ranked match before, at the start of the match my team lost a team member (quit/DC? dunno which) leaving us 3v4, part way further through the first round the other team had 2 players drop reducing it to 3v2.
Second round starts and another on the other team quits reducing the match to 3v1....
queue 10 mins of **** about waiting for the timer to expire so the match ends and we can all move on...
basicly we ended up with a game of 4 players 3 one side one the other....
and no one else wanted to quit and take the penalty.

Anyone thinking "well you could just have slaughtered the one guy"
Well he decided to play hide and seek making it fun to try and find him and forcing us to hunt him :) did I mention none of us remaining wished to take the penalty for quitting a match?

21st Jul 2015, 18:31
I second a surrender button instead of forced end. Or a forced vote the next time you die, and if it goes 3:1 for surrender that's the end.
We could also keep this vote in as a setting to set in the loadout to set to surrender if you first voted to keep playing but then change your mind.
I.e. first time you die after the enemy wins you get a popup "surrender yes/no", and you can then change this anytime you're in the loadout screen.

21st Jul 2015, 20:13
Thanks for the feedback. We're continuously working on Leagues while the mode is in development and looking to address these concerns prior to Nosgoth's full release.

22nd Jul 2015, 00:51
Ryan a surrender option would be a LOT better than the currently implimented "new system" you folks added with the last patch.
I would be VERY interested in seeing a poll on the forums asking players which they prefer, the "new system" the old system or the old system with a surrender option.
Got a feeling majority of players would prefer the old system with a surrender option but we'll see.

Leavers are still very much a big issue in league matches, think atm it's maybe 1/4-1/5 matchs that do not have any leavers in it.
Also players are reporting the "reconnect to match" option is not working.
I know from personal experiance on the public matches that it's not, I had a game where I failed to spawn at all at the start of the match, I ended task on nosgoth, started it again, skipped the intro screens etc and hit "reconnect to match" soon as I could and got "can not reconnect, game is full" message and then tagged as a leaver/quitter with the associated penalty.
the reconnect to match option would definately be worthwhile on the league matches so that players who crash, DC etc at least have the chance to get back into their ranked match and not suffer the penalties.

Also what do we do in regards to "troll" players in matches like league matches? all I'll say is had one in a match earlier.