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21st Jul 2015, 17:21
Hey everyone, I've been doing the Tip of the Week feature every week since the release of the game and I thought I would collect them here for posterity! Let me if you have suggestions for the future and which ones are your favorites! :D

What if I was to shoot the cue ball? The 8-Ball might go in and then…

It seems you might not be the only assassin in Montenegro tonight Agent 47.

Have you found all the hidden rubber ducks? Shoot all 4 for a 37,500 score bonus!

Need to isolate Jaroslav Benak? Why not distract him by destroying his favorite ice swan. Sorry Mr. Swan. :(

It's electric! Try zapping the guard on the roof and you might get to see this wacky animation!

Smoking kills: Tuulia went out for a smoke, eliminate her before she assassinates your target.

More coming every week...

26th Jul 2015, 09:58
I wish i had a screen recorder, would be awesome to share with you my play style ... Between Nicolas what is your favorite rifle ... Mine is the vollante .....

27th Jul 2015, 15:10
I love the Aria for two things: 1: The score multiplier. 2. EXPLOSIVE BULLETS!

9th Apr 2016, 22:43
Hi guys. I would like to share some tips with you, as well. I'll be doing these periodically, and I'll start with my "pro tip" #1: A Perfect Headshot. ;)


I'll be adding many more in the following days. Hope you enjoy them!

Edit: I can't seem to embed the video, so I'll just have to leave you with the link. If anyone can help, I'd be much appreciated.

11th Apr 2016, 18:46
Pro-tip #2: Hey You


2nd May 2018, 20:15
Good to know where Tuulia hide when the map starts, normaly I wait for she in roof of right house.

Normally I play with Final Argument, and love blow everything like a bazooka !