View Full Version : Enemy Line of Sight Issue?

21st Jul 2015, 02:20
From the world premiere demo, I noticed something - when Adam's third person cover to cover dash is used, I'm fairly sure no objects are breaking that NPC's line of sight at 14:13. For the whole dash, Adam goes unnoticed. I know the code's in Alpha, but I still hope they realise this.

http://i922.photobucket.com/albums/ad69/woopy5000/Decorated%20images/Enemy.png (http://s922.photobucket.com/user/woopy5000/media/Decorated%20images/Enemy.png.html)

21st Jul 2015, 14:17
I wouldn't count on enemies noticing the cover to cover dash in the final product. These types of moves tend to be regarded as being performed entirely behind concealment.