View Full Version : ABILITIES Air Strike PFX/Range

11th Aug 2014, 11:28
The visual effect for Air Strike isn't representative of it's actual damage range. IMO, this is misleading to both vampires and humans because humans won't know how far they need to move out of it's way and vampires won't be aware of how much potential is has. I wouldn't want it to obstruct players vision or anything, but the effect should definitely telegraph the range better than it currently does.

The range of moves and effects in general should be more visible in the tutorials, as in practically spelled out, so that players can try to memorize them for real games. I'd like to see something like a dummy in the middle of a bulls-eye like circle with the metres marked out on the floor around it and some sort of projection effect to show the inner and outer damage radii.

11th Aug 2014, 12:15
I can see your concern. Personally when I'm trying to avoid skills like air strike and grenade I try to put geometry between me and explosion, so a corner, a change in height, even a lamp post.