View Full Version : [Idea]Bring back Flashpoint and do something crazy for the events with it

20th Jul 2015, 23:42
Having working parts of the game only enabled as an event is giving my Nosgoth experience a rather sour aftertaste. You say that you need to get feedback and suggestions on those special modes, but I can barely tell the differences each time they're implemented.
My idea is to have either FP or CTB permanently enabled outside of events (make it change, doesn't have to be the same all the time, but give us one) and try out some crazy ideas and suggestions by people from all forums on weekend events. This could lead to surprising innovations and more fun by having something new. Maybe once we have those human taunts we could have the humans do something with the body instead and the vamps being the defensive team. Or make vamps capture Flashpoints in FP instead of humans. Maybe we could have some king modes, a team deathmatch with one player per team being much stronger but yielding 3-5 points. Or let your developers try out their own crazy ideas without thinking primarily about balance and such things. It's a beta after all and it would be a real event and maybe we can get a few ideas for modes through this. Or, dare I say, 5v5 matches :O. ;)