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20th Jul 2015, 23:17
It's just a thought that keeps creeping up, but releasing patches, especially ones that bring new and possibly experimental features, on a weekend is a bad idea, since a lot of things can go awry and you don't have programmers in to hotfix things on the weekend, which leads to a dozen posts complaining about a big bug that was discovered in the first two hours and we have to wait for a fix until mondays. I'd rather see the patches in the middle or beginning of the week so you'd have full control over fixing or possibly rolling back should something go horribly bad and have a better polished patch version on the weekend when most events happen and where the state of the game would be most under scrutiny.
An example would be the bug where the countdown to go back to lobby would keep resetting (had a match where it was up to 140 seconds after having counted down from 60 to 10 already) with the last patch.

PS: if you indeed do have a team for hotfixes on staff over the weekend this post is meaningless, feel free to close it in that case.

21st Jul 2015, 12:55
Well the last patch was on a weekend. Also at least 40% of the ones I remember off the top of my head were on a weekend, including a very egregious example where we got an instant spawn bug, with which we had to deal the whole weekend. Then another instant spawn bug (although more complicated, so less used) happened also on a weekend.
I totally agree with your points though, apart from one, but all I'm saying is to release a patch on thursday or monday instead of friday, not to fix all bugs, but just so they can save the few remaining players from game breaking stuff.
I do not agree that this is purely beta testing, since this game was being sold and is now selling lots of ingame items for quite some money, and Early Access or Beta are not a "get out of criticism" clause if they ask for money. One has to take into consideration that it's not finished, but one can surely complain about what's wrong. And Fun is certainly not secondary by how it is marketed.

21st Jul 2015, 13:13
Neither SE nor Psyonix work on the weekend. They never release on weekends.

They do it during the week but due to their QA policies even hotfixes can take days, too often resulting in the bugs being present over a weekend.

Agreed, could be better.

21st Jul 2015, 15:20
I'll certainly share the feedback here, but I just want to note that in general we do not patch on weekends, and agree that isn't good timing for a patch.
The latest patch was on Thursday, we tend to try to patch on Tuesdays/Wednesdays rather than later in the week as well.