View Full Version : Original FF7 disks but cant run the game on my laptop

18th Jul 2015, 21:28
Hi guys.. !!

I bought the game in 1998, I still have the 4 original disks, but when i try to install and run the game.. it wont start or cut after I choose new game. I tried to have it go with the troubleshooting and updating for Window XP ,(I got window 8 on my laptop) , but it still refuse to run properly.

and since i bought the game so long ago, I did not kept the box or leaflet for the registration...

Anyone got ideas on what i can or should do?

30th Jul 2015, 04:40
I have this same problem and did some research on it one night. It has to do with the video format/player on your PC. There are a few fixes you can do for this. If it is the audio related issue, there is also a fix for that. I don't think posting links is against the rules here, and i'm just trying to help out a fellow gamer, so i'm gonna go ahead and do it, ban hammer be damned.

I truly hope that helps Rop1964.

14th Aug 2015, 13:14
I use the steam version and it works fine on my very outdated laptop on windows 10 preview.