View Full Version : Buying unlocked gun is bugged or am I doing something wrong?

18th Jul 2015, 08:05
I don't know why, those buttons are disabled (grey). Sometimes half red. And when I press, nothing happens. Is it bug?



18th Jul 2015, 10:34
Those Rifles are only available if you buy them with Real Cash not in-game money (I think there's 3 like that if I remember right) if you go on-line via WiFi or Data then click on the 'BUY' button it'll give you a pop-up showing their price but if you play offline then they're just half ghosted-out like you've found, so no need to worry as you've not got a bug, ok mate !?

They did run a competition a few weeks back where they gave-away the Aria Rifle as a prize and they said they will be doing more like this, so keep checking this Forum for news and info on any future events !!

Hope this Helps..........Happy Sniping ?! :cool:

18th Jul 2015, 11:33
I see. I didn't noticed this game have in-app purchased. Bit off question, can you give me some hints how to score more scores? Currently my highest is 3.4m. Still want higher scores.