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18th Jul 2015, 07:36
!! Thanks Again NicolasVerge for making this thread Sticky !!

I'll start things off.....

I thought it would be great if we had the option to be able to design and build our own Custom Sniper Rifle once we complete the main story missions, as a bonus Rifle to earn / unlock some-way other than via the on-line leader boards like the others, this way it's something more for us to do after we've beaten all the missions !!

Here are some option ideas I'd like to see in the game so we can build our Custom Rifle.....

1. Option to choose different parts of the Rifle (Barrel, Handle, Sight, Butt, Colour etc. etc.) to make it look exactly how we want. (maybe have some specialist parts that we can play for and unlock via bonus missions etc.)

2. Able to choose which Perks, Abilities and Base Traits we want on the Rifle (this Rifle is allowed 1 or 2 more of each over the other Rifles which is something else we could play for to unlock)

3. Able to set the main Stats of the Rifle (Stability, Fire Rate etc.) using a certain amount of points to distribute how and where we want (this Rifle has a few more than any other which could be something else to play for and earn or maybe add certain Stat points to the Specialist Rifle Parts, which I mentioned above, so we get the bonus Stat Points from them OR have both for a really powerful custom Rifle)

4. If there's something I've missed or the Devs can think of something else to add as another Custom Option (IF they decide to go ahead and add this in a future update) then please add it !!

Basically, once we've won and unlocked the Custom Rifle and then played further to unlock the bonus Perks, Abilities and Stat Points etc. it will be the most powerful and sort-after Rifle in the game !! :cool:

I think ALL my fellow Snipers would love to have their own Custom Rifle and I hope the Devs like the idea enough to make this happen for us in the near future !?!?

20th Jul 2015, 16:15
Great idea mate, loved it... All of it ...
I would add if possible the change of scenario, as whenever i started the game it is the same scenario, during the game play itself when on mission, it was alright as completing the mission was the essential part of it and i did not really noticed, but now when missions are gone, it became boring to death, that actually now i only play it once each couple of days, so different scenarios different missions, i believe this will give more variation to the game, and makes it less boring when all missions accomplished ..
Ability to redo missions, even that there is only one mission i skiped in the entire game, I would like to be able to redo it again ...

But i believe it is a bit late now as it seems developers already have things on their minds ... And already on production ...

3rd Aug 2015, 08:49
I have a small request to move the 'Play' button from where it is, above the 'Targets' button, to where I have indicated in the screen-shot below !!


I'm asking for this minor move because I've lost count of the amount of times that I've gone to tap the 'Targets' button but accidentally hit the 'Play' button instead then, as you know, I have to start a round before I can quit out of it and get back to the menu again, which is getting pretty annoying !!

I can't be the only player that has done this (on more than one occasion) so a couple of minutes of a Devs time to make a small move away from any other button would solve this minor issue for us !!

@ NicolasVerge.....If you can pass on my request, I'd appreciate it, Cheers mate !? :cool:

3rd Aug 2015, 10:03
Now that I've completed all the missions, the only thing I can do is play the following mission over and over.....


1. Continue competing on the leaderboard.

2. Kill Markus Krug.

Markus Krug is in a prime position to aid us getting a good high score but if we kill him then we only have the 10 second extraction time before the level ends, so we're forced to leave him until last or close to last before killing him !!

So, I'd like to request that we have the option to pick and choose which 'Target' is marked before we start a round OR set it to choose a different Target each time we play, rotating through ALL the Targets in order (not randomly) this way we know who will be 'Marked' next so we can plan our next round and help us obtain better scores etc......I think it would be good to include the Rogue Agent in the rotating line-up as well and make him a 'Target' for once !!

It would be great if there was other game modes to play that open once all missions have been completed such-as a shooting range, tin-can alley, long/short range, moving/static target practice etc. etc. This could have it's own high score leaderboard, including precision percentage ratings, time of completion records etc. etc.

Also, there needs to be something else we can spend our sniper earnings on, because now that I've completed all the missions and bought all the guns there's nothing else to spend it on but we keep earning in-game cash each time we play the mission to kill Markus Krug (stated above).....

So I'm definitely looking forward to the update, hoping there's going to be some New Features (e.g: able to buy extended extraction time & perk doublers etc.) More Levels/Missions, A New Mansion or Other Scenery to shoot around, New Options (e.g: choice of resolution setting etc.) New Rifles etc. etc.

Hitman Sniper is already a top-notch quality game but there's so much more that can be regularly added to make it even better and keep it fresh for a long time !! :cool:

Anyway, That's my 2cents.....What do you think ??

9th Jan 2016, 12:40
All really great ideas, especially the custom rifle and alternating targets for the final mission.

The ability to redo missions should be a given

17th Jan 2016, 05:58
I'd really like to see the Adagio Rifle get the Penetrating Rounds Ability added to it, seeing as it has X-Ray Kills Bonus and it's a Top Rated Rifle which should definitely have this Ability in my opinion !!

What do you think Devs.....Any chance you could do this for us ??

@ NicolasVerge.....Could you pass this on this request to the Devs for us please mate !? :cool:

21st Jan 2016, 10:32
I'd really like to see the Adagio Rifle get the Penetrating Rounds Ability added to it, seeing as it has X-Ray Kills Bonus and it's a Top Rated Rifle which should definitely have this Ability in my opinion !!

What do you think Devs.....Any chance you could do this for us ??

@ NicolasVerge.....Could you pass this on this request to the Devs for us please mate !? :cool:I was really disappointed the adagio didn't have the penetrating rounds as well.

I guess they figured that would make the gun too badass lol

22nd Jan 2016, 03:20
Aria Gold is also Top Rated Rifle too. It has penetrating rounds but it has'nt X-Ray ability.I think the two ability can added to the two rifles.(For Adagio penetrating round and for Aria Gold X-Ray ability)

30th Mar 2016, 22:51
Hey guys!

Just found out about this forum. It seems to be a bit of a ghost town, but let's see if that changes soon. ��

I'm going to send this suggestion directly to SE MTL, but would like to hear your thoughts on this feature (iOS-only, sorry Android users):
What about a companion app for the Apple Watch, that would track your heart beat during gameplay? We could then add it to our replays, and see how a certain run would impact our heart beat rate. From my personal experience, whenever I'm going through a record run, trying to beat my scores, my heart always starts to race near the end. ��

I don't personally own an Apple Watch, but I think it would be a neat feature.


29th Aug 2016, 14:00
VR technology is getting popular nowadays, especially Google cardboard. I think hitman sniper should have a VR mode or something like that. Using the Cardboard's magnetic ring as a trigger, Hold it to hold breath, releasing it to shoot. Perks and power ups would be concealed in a little icon everytime you scope in and is out of the way of shooting grounds.

There's not a lot of good VR games out there, and doing this will make this game one of the best VR and the most realistic sniper game out there.

2nd May 2018, 18:11
Ressurrecting this topic, I suggest add new missions and new maps, maybe a counter sniper enemy.