View Full Version : Just a thank you.

11th Aug 2014, 10:26
Hey Guys and Girls and. . ... .err.. . anything in between? - I just felt like taking a moment to say thank you to the Devs- You guys are good people. Not many companies care about their franchise - They see only $$ and potential $$ - But you guys have shown me that an old gamer (Lol -25 is old now) Can still put ideas out there and they'll be listened to. You guys are great! :-) I've loved Legacy of Kain since it's inception Lord knows how many years ago - The story telling was immaculate, the interweaving and twining plot threads were almost sacrosanct. Today, a game would struggle and fight but still fail to keep it's head above water in comparison to just the INTRO of Soul Reaver 1.

You guys have renewed my faith in the gaming industry - It's not just about money, the stuff you do is ART.
Thank you, for caring about the lore - for caring about the fans, and most of all - for making this game. I think that the generations that are coming up after me are going to have it rough - But it's awesome to know that the old guard still stands. Thank you guys. <3