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17th Jul 2015, 14:36
So this recent patch brought us the auto-win function when you reach the threshhold, where the enemy cannot possibly win or tie anymore.

For public this is great, for Private Lobbies it is so and so:
I don't mind it for ESL (for now), and it will probably speed things upm which is appreciated, though for practicing maps and scrimming other teams this is really bad.

This got me thinking about other features I would like to see for the Private Lobby creation:

1) ^Not just being able to turn the new function on/off, but set a specific threshhold (like - t+5 kills)

2) ALL numeric values should be available by typing them in manually, not just through a drop-down menu.

3) Banning of specific classes / abilities, restricting numbers of classes (For now, we don't need it, but if and when the ESL has ideas for new modes/leagues or develops a non-meta ruleset, this will come in handy)

4) Turning off stats on items (items can still be used, but stats don't apply)

5) A "Pause" function

6) A map ban function in-game, much like ESL is doing atm. for the Cups and Leagues.

If people have more ideas, feel free to pile on

19th Jul 2015, 11:23
You know, I can totally see why having the auto-win function being something you could turn on or off for private matches would be a good thing. Sometimes you just want to get into a match and spank your friends back and forth across the screen without worrying about the score!

I don't see a particular reason for banning certain classes, though. I'm against restrictions on class stacking because it just helps to teach the other team how to coordinate and counter-stack appropriately, and can be countered fairly easily, but I can imagine why people might want to restrict it in their own private matches, I suppose.