View Full Version : Curious about update release date

15th Jul 2015, 18:59
When we should expect the update realse ... As it gets boring to replay over and over again .... Finger crossed ...

16th Jul 2015, 06:45
I asked this a while ago and basically didn't get a date, only got told that the Devs are working hard on it !!

Just going by some of the things that the Forum Mod has said here in previous posts, I'd say that it's going to be sooner rather than later but other than this I haven't heard any more about it !!

Guessing they'll post some info about it when it gets nearer the time !!

17th Jul 2015, 19:33
Hey guys,

Again, I can't confirm a date yet, but it's coming along nicely, we're super excited about it and we hope you'll be too!