View Full Version : Which stats effect interrupts and recovery times?

10th Jul 2015, 15:20
I've not done much with the forge so far, but I always get caught out when I try to do one special attack quickly after another and there's a built-in delay preventing me from doing so. Also if one of my attacks (special or regular) gets interrupted, there's a delay before I can try again. I want to try to get some weapon stats that either help reduce the recovery time or reduce the chance of being interrupted.

Also what's a good tradeoff? My aim is terrible, so for humans I tend to go for more ammo under the assumption that more shots means more chances that I'll do damage and for vampires I suppose I formally go for anything that increases attack speed or damage.

11th Jul 2015, 14:59
It seems like your asking about stun times. The stat on the item is called "stun resist." I'm not sure what the perk is now, but it WAS named Tenacity. Honestly, It's always been a pretty strong buff, but is often overlooked.

13th Jul 2015, 13:04
And how does it work? Does it mean you have to take more damage from individual hits to be stunned or does it shorten the recover time? Is it the same stat that effects both special attacks and regular?

13th Jul 2015, 13:08
I think it means the recovery time is shorter.

14th Jul 2015, 11:34
AFAIK it's recovery time across the board. Skills like sweeping kick and ground slam have a knock back that's reduced. Skills like charge and abduct have a knockdown, which is reduced. Vampire melee attacks also have a slight knock back, and while i'm not 100% positive, I'm pretty sure it also effects there, it's just negligible due to the normally small amount of stun time associated with them.

The first time people realized that reduced stun (Previously known as the "Tenacity" perk) was effective was in mid-Alpha. There were days that the Tyrant as a whole just seemed to be complete trash compared to normal. Eventually people started noticing that those days the Tenacity was the daily perk. Once dots started being connected people started using it. The mechanics have since changed some, so I don't know HOW effective it is, but I do know it has some uses. Those used sometimes just might be hidden at first.